first day

Today was the first day back to school for students at the University of Central Arkansas, on whose lovely campus my job is located. It was raining, so I decided to drive, which I should have remembered from my days proximate to the University of Michigan was a bad idea. There were literally police at every intersection waiting to either (a) deal with accidents due to terrible drivers and heavy traffic, (b) catch stupid drivers suffering from road rage and/or impatience, or (c) some random combination of those and others. It was a train wreck, although fortunately not a literal one - the tracks are happily some distance away from the school.

Anonymous commented:

It wasn't that bad first day of class! LOL

on Mon Aug 24 00:08:57 2009

David commented:

Doh! I'm caught out in my own exaggeration for narrative purposes! I claim artistic license!

on Mon Aug 24 17:08:28 2009

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