Sasha asked for a bottle of Moet et Chandon's White Star for her birthday, and so we headed off to the wine store to find it. While there, we noted they were running their '20 percent off a case' discount, so we got 12 bottles. The result? A completely full wine rack! Yes, our 100 bottle rack has become ... well, I guess 'just right' for us. You'll notice a couple at the top at an odd angle - that's because a limited number of wine makers use a larger diameter bottle, which doesn't fit in our rack, so we have to rest those on top (or put them elsewhere, which is what we usually do).

Derek (Erb) commented:
Great image... But they shouldn't be hanging upside down...
on Thu Apr 6 21:03:41 2006

Lisa Dugdale commented:
Hanging the wine bottles upside down helps to make sure the corks don't dry out. It's the latest in wine storage techniques.
on Thu Apr 6 22:29:28 2006

Nikki commented:
Guess it's time to get drinking!!
on Fri Apr 7 00:57:21 2006

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