AmeriCone Dream

Did everyone except me know that Stephen Colbert has an ice cream?

Nikki commented:
Yes. This is what happens when you go off smuggling wine... and you missed a damn fine showdown with Willie Nelson--who also has a flavah.
on Thu Apr 12 20:52:45 2007

David commented:
Does it taste like biodiesel? Or does he have a rap album coming out (nothing would surprise me with him)...?
on Fri Apr 13 05:30:59 2007

Andrew commented:
No, it is peach cobbler or something of the sort.
on Fri Apr 13 09:42:07 2007

holly commented:
It is really good, peaches and caramel and stuff. We saw it out here and had to try it. what a hoot.
on Fri Apr 13 10:38:12 2007

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