ten years of slashdot

Headed over to the Slashdot 10th anniversary party last night, here in town. Seems it was started by a local (CmdrTaco) and thus we were sort of the geeky place to be for one night. One person noted the irony of a bajillion introverted geeks getting together for a meet 'n' greet, and on some level it was all that - the person everyone came to see seemed a little uncomfortable with his 15 minutes of fame (which is fair, if ordinarily you exist as an online persona). We ran into some an old college friend and sat around talking until the smoke drove us away.

Jason commented:
Smoke? Why? Was something on fire?
on Sun Oct 21 13:36:11 2007

David commented:
Yup. Cigars. As you do.
on Sun Oct 21 15:43:00 2007

Jason commented:
You mean you can still smoke indoors in Michigan? Can I tell you how nice it is that all bars/restaurants/etc are smoke-free in Manchester?!
on Mon Oct 22 19:17:01 2007

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