Kitten managed, somehow, to catch a bird out on the back balcony today. It has to have been the dumbest bird in creation, given that kitten doesn't usually climb onto the railing. Therefore the bird has to have thought that landing, or flying near, the balcony floor was a good idea. It was not. So in comes kitten with a bird in her mouth. And of course, she put it down to play with it some more. And it flew away. Inside the house. So now we have a bird flapping madly through the house, with Mina chasing behind. The bird knocked itself cold on the front window, and Mina made to have dinner, which was when I was able to intervene and separate cat and bird. Mina got locked in the bathroom (yowlingly) while Sasha and I decided what to do with the bird. It was determined that we should give her the bird, if it was terminally injured, but on the back porch. So I grabbed a dustpan to put the bird on (I'm not big on handling animals - I always worry I'll hurt them), and made to push the bird onto it. It was at this point the bird decided it wasn't injured after all, and proceeded to flap madly through the house some more. We were finally able to send it on its way, out the back door. We then released Mina from captivity, and she proceeded to stalk about the house trying to find her bird. Some tuna assuaged her concerns for a few hours, but she seems once again quite keen on escaping the house and finding her feathered (slightly less than before) friend.

Nikki commented:
Poor Mina...LOL Though, I have to say it is quite entertaining, in as much as I have not had to endure that particular scenario. It's not that the birds are dumb so much as cats are quite creative hunters.
on Wed Oct 4 17:56:24 2006

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