More card playing today, assuming everyone shows up. I've been doing a little work on the website this morning, adding some websites on the left (I've put in an 'Ann Arbor' section, and I'll be adding a 'Paris' section as well, I think). I've also been putting some ads on some of the pages that attract lots of traffic - it's really interesting which pages people visit. Most of them are web pages I made when I didn't really know about meta data, so the search engines must just like them, or something. Anyway, I figured people can live with some ads on the high-traffic ones, especially if they help me pay for my website. My goal is to get just enough revenue to cover the hosting and domain name costs. I'm not sure if I'll be able to or not, but it certainly shouldn't be too difficult, given I'm apparently sending out several hundred ads per day.

In other news, apparently 1300 cars were burned last night in Paris. I'm amazed, on one level, that things are so crazy. On another level, I'm not at all surprised - the situation in the ghettos of Paris is pretty crazy. I'm just surprised the violence hasn't spread to Paris proper - the 18th and 19th certainly have some questionable areas....

Anonymous commented:
Hey! I live in the 18th! It's perfectly nice here... all of it except for the blvd. ney's ladies' lane.
on Tue Nov 8 00:22:46 2005

David commented:
Doesn't your living in it make it questionable?
on Wed Nov 9 22:09:29 2005

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