We just got back from riverfest, a big music festival in Little Rock and North Little Rock (which is a separate town, across the river). Lots of smaller acts, and then headlining this evening, Buddy Guy. Our friends were worn out earlier in the day and so left, and all I can do is feel pity for them, that they missed such an amazing show. I hadn't been completely sure I wanted to wait around for the show, especially after it started raining, but it was worth the wait - maybe the best concert I've seen. The mind blowing thing was that the concert was on the smallest of the three stages (Heart had the big stage). It looks as though he's on tour now, and I cannot say enough how much you should go if you have the chance.

Jason commented:

Glad you got to see Buddy Guy!  I saw him at Pine Knob with BB King as part of a BBQ/blues night.  That was maybe 8 years ago, so I'm glad he's till putting on good shows!  And as an odd coinidence, this weeken while visiting my parents in MI, I came cross the concert poster that I got Buddy Guy to sign that night...

on Mon Jun 1 16:15:11 2009

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