one way to get a head

Apparently an international shipping company accidentally shipped human parts to a residential home here in Michigan, rather than the research lab that was their intended destination. Said the wife of the recipient, who actually got two packages, one containing a liver, the other a head, "He started the second one, but stopped as soon as we saw the ear".

Heidi commented:
I think you need to stake this Jyte claim: "One way to get a head" is an even more eggregious title for a blog posting about shipping body parts than "But is he hairy Potter" is for a posting about a naked underage wizard-actor. I would actually like to see the results. Also, I am disappointed that you didn't go with the more racy: "One way to get head." One little article, David. One little article and we could have been talking about dismemberment and sex rather than dismemberment and climbing the corporate ladder, but noooooooo....
on Sun Mar 4 13:46:51 2007

Bryan commented:
See, you need to have a Gothic-themed blog, like mine, to get the full body parts, dismemberment, etc. trope rolling. Like so. PS: ever see How To Get Ahead in Advertising? Whole film's based on this joke, and really works.
on Mon Mar 5 07:14:45 2007

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