don't read the WSJ

Can somebody please explain to me how seemingly the entirety of the U.S.'s mainstream businesspeople became so lacking in common sense as to think the Wall Street Journal was a paper worth reading?

Nikki commented:
You make some kind of assumption here that there was a bevvy of common sense at some time prior to now; I don't know that there truly ever existed such a state... I believe it to be less well hidden simply because of market drive to churn out more and more MBAs--on WSJ text books, at that. It's vexing on those of us with any amount of common sense, especially when on a conference call one says to you, "So is it safe to assume that utilization drives the ROI?" I mean, even the WSJ covers that. Still... I'd be curious to know what drove this pondering?
on Sun Mar 2 19:52:00 2008

Anonymous commented:
that bad, huh? Is it just a bad paper overall, or are you speaking to it's value to the business commuity to base its decisions on the advise in its pages? I've not read it, btw. Just heard it was quite good.-ryan
on Sun Mar 2 22:26:12 2008

Derek (Erb) commented:
Businessmen reading TWSJ? Why? One word:


Why did people buy IBM for so long? Tradition.

Or simply a great dislike and fear of change.

The WSJ is widely considered to be the American business newspaper. Maybe once upon a time it was. Is it still? Who knows? But many businessmen have not yet been convinced of the contrary.

on Mon Mar 3 16:13:36 2008

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