we made it

We safely made it to Germany, and after a good long sleep we are now more or less in tip-top shape. It looks like the cat has had a change of diet since we left, as the cat dish now says 'champagne and caviar'.

Nikki commented:
Well, now Calvin is terribly jealous! He was jealous yesterday when he saw Mina had a very nice mousey hanging out by the food dish. Of course, Calvin isn't even supposed to be on the desk next to the computer to see such things...
on Sun Mar 18 11:38:47 2007

Anonymous commented:
Congrats on the trip. Enjoy Germany! (Bryan, who can never remember his login)
on Sun Mar 18 14:01:12 2007

Heidi commented:
tee-hee. I'm still working on the next idea... mina's doing well, splitting her time between sleeping, running around the apartment wildly and with big, wide eyes, and being a purr machine. Glad to hear you made it safely! But come back soon: I don't know how long your champagne supply is going to last. ;) (I kid, I kid...)
on Sun Mar 18 15:38:10 2007

sasha commented:
The carnage is awesome. I'm only slightly concerned that one of the mousies might fall into the champagne... Thanks for keeping Minakitten (er, or us) entertained, Heidi!
on Mon Mar 19 14:02:30 2007

Heidi commented:
don't worry. no mousies, plush or otherwise, were harmed or intoxicated in the making of this webcam feed. ... p.s. you guys have a shit-ton of cat toys. ;)
on Mon Mar 19 14:29:38 2007

Anonymous commented:
Ahh...carnage - I think that is what all kittens have in the back of thier minds - as I believe they all want to take over the world. Sarah
on Tue Mar 20 09:29:28 2007

Andrew commented:
You know, If I hadn't met Mina first hand, I would suspect, from the lack of appearance in the webcam, that she did not exist. I see food, I see water, and I see amusing post-it notes and cat toys, but no cat.
on Tue Mar 20 09:34:59 2007

Nikki commented:
Oh my, that is a lot of kittie toys!!
on Tue Mar 20 10:29:10 2007

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