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We did the yard today, had a little garden party to tear up the grass in the back and replace it with places to plant tomatoes. Sasha took several turns with the rototiller, as did the rest of us, and now we have a whole lot of garden space. We built a little area that, in theory, will be rabbit proof (we know how well that worked for the Aussies). The birds came before we were even finished tilling to eat the worms and such that had been brought to the surface - I think we need to eat a few more Robins, just to remind them who the predators are. Then it was time to drive the rototiller back to the rental agency (actually, to our friend Sujith's apartment, which is next door to it). Fitting a rototiller in a Yaris is something everyone should try once before they die. That's just my opinion (and maybe the opinion of the guys at Ace Hardware, who helped me load it).

andrew commented:

Actually, its not just Western Australia that has a rabbit fence. Queensland sports a rabbit fence and a wild dog fence, which you can see here.

on Mon Mar 16 05:55:16 2009

Jason commented:

And here I expected to be the 2 of you out there with handtools, getting things ready for the garden!  Or was the rototiller running on Waste Vegetable Oil? *grin*

on Mon Mar 16 15:27:33 2009

David commented:

The rototiller was powered by the tears of little children. We ran it extra just because of that. It was -wonderful-!

Refilling it was tough, tho - we kept getting chased off by the parents....

By the way, Andrew - I don't recommend bringing any bunnies into that part of the country - those fines are -steep-!

on Mon Mar 16 20:06:58 2009

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