A Sunday like any other. Our friend Kevin is away on holiday, so we're visiting his cat (and watching snippets of Roland Garros on his television). There's a dinner party for some of Sasha's colleagues this evening, and we'll be grilling fish and sharing the venison I brought back from my folks' house. We did some planting this morning, putting out the green peppers and the oregano, and planting some edamame.

We've gotten a lot more elaborate with dinner parties than we used to be - we're up to three wine courses and three food courses. It's still not up to our friends Desney and Derek's level, but we're working on it!

Shelby commented:
Ooooo, 3 courses with pairings? You're way ahead of us! Sounds very cool.
on Sun Jun 4 20:45:19 2006

Nikki commented:
Wine AND food... hunh... will have to give that a shot sometime.
on Tue Jun 6 00:31:03 2006

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