Time once again for the 'what's Dave reading' moment of the week. Same old, same old, still reading The Sholan Alliance, your standard 'girl meets humanoid cat alien, girl falls in love with humanoid cat alien, they link telepathically and have babies' books. They're really quite sizeable, and have been, thus far, enthralling. Well, mostly - they're starting to slow down, and I've plans to start the Amber prequel Betancourt wrote fairly soon. I'll keep you posted!

Issa commented:
Hey baby! Don't ask me how or why I stumbled onto your blog, but I thought I'd say hi, point out MY blog (http://dancingviolet1010.blogspot.com) which I will say is not nearly as interesting as yours, and just generally give you a big hello wave from the States. :) xoxoxoxoxoxo As for what I'm reading: poets, poets, and more poets. Lucille Clifton, Mark Strand, Joan Larkin (currently faculty in my MFA program), Elinor Wylie, Eugenio de Andrade, and Henri Cole. this, to me, is exciting, and thankfully I'm currently at school where everyone else around me does also. :)
on Mon Jun 27 00:15:30 2005

David commented:
You know, for a while I tried adding more 'quality' to my daily reading lineup, but for the most part I find the metro is not conducive to reading quality - I don't know why. It's the same with audio - I thought I could really catch up on all the music I had missed, since I have two hours per day to listen, but instead I don't. So no poets for me on the train.
on Mon Jun 27 06:31:23 2005

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