We just watched an old movie, which was billed as a romantic comedy. However, one of the scenes in the film was quite remarkable, and so we went looking to see what others had said. We found the following in American Jewish Yearbook, 1996 (pdf)

Once Upon a Honeymoon (1942), the story of a romance between an American reporter (Cary Grant) and a former American burlesque queen (Ginger Rogers), who is at the outset married to a Nazi ideologue (Walter Slezak). The film features a brief, remarkable scene in a concentration camp where the Hebrew prayers of Jewish inmates are overheard. Again, in both films, these were rare expressions of candor quite out of key with mainstream ideology.
The IMDB entry didn't mention that part, but it added a real layer of interest to the film - especially given that the film was made before the end of the war, so nobody really knew how it was going to turn out. Also amusing was the patriotic bit where they say the pledge of allegiance - without the "under God" bit, because it hadn't been added yet!
Derek (Erb) commented:
More importantly... how did you find the "American Jewish Yearbook"???
on Sun Jun 25 22:31:07 2006

David commented:
Google, baby! A search for the title of the film, along with some other random words (like representations concentration camp). We figured it had to be one of the earliest representations of a concentration camp, so working on that assumption we went searching.
on Mon Jun 26 02:22:48 2006

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