The World Cup, Group G is just bizarre. There are four teams, and they are as follows:

South Korea 4
France 2
Switzerland 1
Togo 0
Now, if you had asked me about those four countries, I'd have said France, then the Swiss, then the other two. Clearly I would have been mistaken. I can't believe South Korea managed a draw with France. It's crazy. But if they go on (and they probably will), I'll be pulling for them every step of the way!

Speaking of underdogs, I see Australia is still in the running, which must be exciting for them. I hope they make it.

And of course, there's the USA. The Register recently ran an article entitled The US soccer team will always stink, and while I think that's a bit harsh, 2006 does not look to be their year.

Derek (Erb) commented:
The Group G actually looks as it was expected.

However last night's draw should have been 2-1. If only some day the FIFA decides to wake up to the 20th century, let alone the 21st, they would have seen that the ball that the South Korean goalie knocked out in the second half was already 18 inches INSIDE the goal before being knocked out. It's clear on all 5 cameras which filmed the scene. But the Mexican ref claimed it was not in the goal and so the point was not scored.

The French actually deserved, for once, that second goal. However they also deserved to have that final goal scored against them at the end as they played awfully during the last half hour... in part after not being allowed the goal they had scored.

Today's Switzerland-Togo game will actually be important to the French as it will determine by how much they have to beat Togo to stay in the game. This is going to be extra difficult as both Adibal and Zidane are suspended for the next match

PS: The USA will never be able to play the game properly until they are able to call it Football like everyone else {g}. America is not known for its international sports recognition. Where else does a country refer to it's national playoff of one of it's national sports as "The World Series" but only allows the (North) American teams to compete?

on Mon Jun 19 09:16:37 2006

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