en route

According to our handy-dandy tom-tom (thanks, by the way, to Derek for guiding my choice in GPS), we are slightly more than half way home, also known as 10 miles from the Ohio border, in Pennsylvania. We'll stop for dinner in another hour or so, and then the final slog home from Cleveland. Our kitten better appreciate the effort we're putting in to seeing her this evening!

Derek (Erb) commented:
Just out of curiosity... how are you updating the blog while driving??? Does your TomTom have a WiFi option which mine does not? Voice to e-mail? Very cool! ;-)
on Tue Jul 10 04:41:49 2007

David commented:
I was actually using my phone to post to the blog. I have the Sprint PPC-6700 (at least, I do until my job ends next week), and it has full internet access. So no magic tom-tom voice recog, I'm afraid.
on Fri Jul 13 07:03:16 2007

sasha commented:
Oh, and in case you were worried about road safety, I was driving...
on Fri Jul 13 08:37:02 2007

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