weekend fun

I headed home on Saturday to fill the Yaris with as many boxes as it would take from my parents' basement, and as it turns out that is quite a number of boxes - I was there for roughly six hours just filling boxes with books and such and lugging them out to the car. So today I partially unloaded the car, and then had a half day of rest involving random episodes of cancelled TV shows.

Jason commented:
41 boxes of stuff? (a little birdie told me) Or is that an old count and you're at a higher number now?
on Mon Jul 14 10:49:14 2008

Anonymous commented:
yeah, moving boxes of barber books is definitely a big endeavour
on Tue Jul 15 22:55:37 2008

David commented:

I think we crossed the 50 threshold today, so we should be good for a while.

Which reminds me - big yard sale this weekend (saturday, the 19th) so if you're in the area, swing on by!

on Tue Jul 15 22:59:22 2008

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