Yesterday was uneventful, although we did go to a rather entertaining housewarming party in the evening (wherein it was determined that one could establish 'street cred' by way of 'high fives', and other wine-inspired silliness). Before that we headed over to the mall to pick up Sasha's new glasses and get some work done on the car.

I expect tomorrow the first job offer will come, although who it will be I don't know. Scary stuff. Today looks to be a lazy day, although there may be a shopping trip at some point. Sundays are nice that way - no real rush.

Derek (Erb) commented:
Love the photo! Apart from the fact that the model's gorgeous I love the reflection effect which shows off her hair.
on Sun Jan 29 22:25:16 2006

David commented:
Uh oh! We've got a smooth talker in our midst! I better be careful!
on Mon Jan 30 16:54:28 2006

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