I read an article in the Times yesterday about a terrible, horrifying new product from Microsoft called 'Songsmith'. I thought the product sounded bad in print, but then Gizmodo posted the original ad for the product, and some remixes of popular songs people have done using it, and my horror (and laughter) meter went to 11.

Anonymous commented:

That Roxanne-Calypso song is actuualy pretty sweet!

In defense of this whole thing, Microsoft Research is not really a product development group.  They are a bunch of PhD researchers trying to come up with useful IP for the rest of the corp.  So I am guessing that that terrible ad was really just meant to explain the idea internally...and not really meant to sell the product to customers. DL

on Wed Jan 28 23:26:56 2009

David commented:

Yeah - the Times article actually thought they might have been trying to bypass the usual approval process by releasing it into the wild. I'd say, if true, the plan didn't work.

on Sat Jan 31 16:17:35 2009

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