Lots of random reading going on this weekend, and I thought I would share the list, so you all could buy them and Amazon could give me money (or just so you could know what I'm reading!)

I started off reading Villette by Charlotte Bronte, but it was creeping me out, so I switched to A Song of Stone by Iain Banks. Mistake. This is about as dark as his books get, and after The Wasp Factory I'd have said his books couldn't get any darker. So I put both of those on hold to read something a little more fun, Neil Gaiman's latest, Anansi Boys. This is in the style of American Gods, but slightly less obscure. I plowed through it in the course of an afternoon, and then switched to some serious fluff: Avalon High by Meg Cabot. Actaully, this wasn't quite as fluffy as you might expect (well, as I expected), in that it tells the Arthur story, which isn't always that light and fluffy, actually. Any book which references Le Morte D' Arthur can't be all light and fluffy, right? I'm a little concerned what Sasha's going to think, as the main character's parents are medieval scholars. We'll see.

In the not-too-distant future, assuming UPS loves me, I'll be reading Wine and War : The French, the Nazis, and the Battle for France's Greatest Treasure, which tells the story of French winemakers during World War II.

Derek (Erb) commented:
Meg Cabot, author of The Princess Diaries, writing about Arthur? It can't be *that* serious! BTW it's "le mort" rather than "le morte"... I read Wine and War quite some time ago, on my Palm, and loved it. I think you'll be both amused and amazed by just how far the French were willing to go to save their wine from the Nazis. Enjoy!
on Mon Jan 23 09:03:20 2006

David commented:
Thank you! I had thought 'le morte' looked weird. However, if you look at it on Amazon, that's how they spell it (I actually cut and pasted the title). I'll ask Sasha when she wakes up what the deal is with that - maybe it's some old French thing?

I'm quite looking forward to the antics of the vignerons - I thought perhaps you would have read it. Sadly, I think I got the free 'snail delivery' from Barnes & Noble, so I've got to wait a bit....

on Mon Jan 23 13:30:08 2006

David commented:
...and you're right - no Meg Cabot book is ever, I think, *that* serious!
on Mon Jan 23 13:31:36 2006

sasha commented:
Actually, it's some Middle English thing. Grammatically incorrect English k-nigits...
on Mon Jan 23 14:05:33 2006

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