Here's a random tidbit I read this morning: according to the consumerist, MSNBC did a report on a consumer reports test of brewed coffee. The results were only surprising if you are a big Starbucks fan. Echoing what Sasha and I have been saying for years, the report called Starbucks' coffee "strong, but burnt and bitter enough to make your eyes water instead of open."

And the big winner of the contest? Believe it or not, the new "Premium Roast" offering from McDonald's.

Nikki commented:
Perhaps, but when it comes to Starbucks vs McD's, I'll take the pretentious, bad coffee over the cheap, bad coffee.
on Sun Feb 4 14:12:14 2007

David commented:
You, and an awful lot of other people, it seems. I've actually stopped buying Starbucks coffee in favour of their hot cocoa. It's much tastier, though I sometimes worry I have whipped cream on my nose while wandering around the airport....
on Sun Feb 4 16:41:01 2007

Shelby commented:
I'm not a coffee drinker at all (can't stand the flavor, or even scent), so I'm a hot chocolate drinker at Starbucks too. I'm not wild about their chocolate, actually. I loved their Chantico drinking chocolate (insert iv, pump directly into arteries) diluted with half milk, but alas, that's gone. Now my drink of choice is a zebra hot chocolate which is a regular hot chocolate with a shot of white chocolate.
on Mon Feb 5 14:49:55 2007

Nikki commented:
So, is that hot cocoa fat free and sugar free?
on Mon Feb 5 15:33:39 2007

David commented:
I don't know if I could seriously drink something called 'Chantico'. I'm trying to decide what image the word elicits - I kind of get this rococo crossed with trailer-trash feel. I don't know what that says about me.

Nikki - I'm pretty sure all beverages sold at a coffee house are sugar and fat free - isn't that part of the deal?

on Mon Feb 5 15:56:57 2007

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