Is there a secret class I wasn't invited to that teaches you how to wrap presents? I have mostly finished mine, now, and it took me forever, and they aren't the prettiest things on the planet. More than once I did the 'jam all the paper under a fold and press it until it's mostly flat' trick. I thought it would get better after ten packages or so, but really what happened was variations on an ugly theme. Oh well - it's done, at least.

Shelby commented:
Oh god, you too???
on Sun Dec 18 20:35:44 2005

Anonymous commented:
Hey, at LEAST your shopping is done.. I have done nadda..nothing, zip - i am a slacker of all great proportions. Coburn
on Mon Dec 19 14:01:32 2005

Erik commented:
Among my family, it's usually very easy to tell which presents I wrapped. They're the ones with uneven folds and way too much paper on the ends. :)
on Mon Dec 19 14:16:31 2005

David commented:
What's really horrible is that the first package went really well, so I thought it was going to be OK. Then the second one just blew up, and I was like 'here we go again...'.

I bought a number of things online, and why I didn't just have them wrap the packages I just don't know!

on Mon Dec 19 14:37:53 2005

Anonymous commented:
Is that Hello Kitty wrapping paper I see? Coburn
on Mon Dec 19 16:55:51 2005

David commented:
Heck yeah that's Hello Kitty wrapping paper! That there is the coup de grace on the whole present wrapping scheme!

In the end, however, I decided neither of my nephews would appreciate their present being wrapped in it.

on Mon Dec 19 18:41:48 2005

Nikki commented:
Yes, there is a secret class, hence we keep it a "Secret." Heh, that said, I'm delighted to report that my present at work was wrapped so pretty for the dirty santa exchange that it was picked very quickly (too bad I made it a nice present too) and the person even kept the wrapping :)
on Mon Dec 19 23:26:13 2005

David commented:
I'm sure I'm not alone when I say 'dirty santa exchange?' Is that where you each get a santa doll and see how nasty you can get it by putting it in mud puddles and giving it to a dog to slobber on and stuff, and then exchange them? Not very holiday-spirity, that!
on Wed Dec 21 06:42:02 2005

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