coming home

Well, it wasn't perfectly on time, but it will do. We're now seated on flight 75 to detroit, and should arrive before 11pm. We went kitten shopping twice with Misty, so we're really looking forward to getting home and seeing Minakitten. She seemed to find a cat, but the process is really drawn out, so we won't know for like a week.

Anonymous commented:
Have a good flight back!
on Mon Aug 6 10:10:49 2007

David commented:
Overall it wasn't bad at all. It was a stormy evening, and a couple of times it looked like the flight was going to get ooky (I think the captain had the flight crew take their seats twice), but it never got bad. We were in by 11, home by midnight.
on Mon Aug 6 16:17:08 2007

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