WoW Sunday

So in addition to such lame pastimes as 'napping' and 'laying around', I also spent the weekend playing World of Warcraft. For your amusement: a screenshot.
Andrew commented:
So. Having never played WOW, what on earth is that supposed to be?
on Mon Apr 30 09:46:01 2007

Anonymous commented:
Nice boots. Don't they get all sweaty when you're running around?--ryaN
on Mon Apr 30 12:56:35 2007

David commented:
Well, there's the magic sauce broken again.
on Mon Apr 30 13:35:44 2007

David commented:
The picture is of my character, standing in one of the large cities. Sasha pointed out there's a rider on a cat down below. So far as I know, the boots do not get sweaty, because that particular piece of code has not yet been written into the game. I'm sure as soon as I get a USB smell card, they'll give me some stinkfoot.
on Mon Apr 30 13:42:02 2007

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