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It seems our offer was accepted, or at least acceptable - they counter-offered to keep their appliances (which is good and bad at the same time - we get to choose ones we like, but it's a lot of cash). You can head over to Arkansas House View for photos inside and out.

Jason commented:
Congratulations to you both!!!! Wow...that's quite a house. Clearly, I live in the wrong part of the country. *laugh* I haven't looked lately, but I'd say that a house like that in/around Manchester, NH would be twice that price. I'm really trying to be happy for you and to not be too envious but it's hard -- that's an amazing house! 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths -- am I right in that count, based on the pictures?
on Mon Apr 28 08:41:16 2008

Jason commented:
Aha, I found the listing at: I see that I was mistaken -- 5 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths with 3,000 square feet. That makes it about 4 times the size of my condo... (and definitely not 4 times the price!) But what would little old me do with that much house? Sleep in a different bedroom every week? For that matter, what are _you_ going to do with that much house? New pets?
on Mon Apr 28 08:52:55 2008

Tammy Jo commented:
Hooray! Congratulations! Its beautiful! ( but where are the pillars?! Teehee
on Mon Apr 28 09:15:33 2008

David commented:
Sadly, the house inspector told us the house already comes with pets - squirrels with sharp teeth, apparently. But we were also thinking fishies. And lots of guests. And maybe a bed and breakfast.
on Mon Apr 28 16:51:30 2008

Nikki commented:
Congrats! It's awesome.
on Mon Apr 28 19:53:00 2008

Anonymous commented:
I must confess, I've got the same house-envy as Jason! That's so beautiful. How much their stuff is staying? Just the paint basically? All that hardwood flooring is so nice. Coincidentally, our new house has had a previously unknown occupant removed: a raccoon. in our attic. pooping and generally making that scratching/scrabbling noise critters make in the night. Lured out by marshmellows (the pest inspector said the raccoons think they're eggs, at first), he has been evicted. He didn't chew on any wiring to my knowledge, but I will now be checking on that, thankyouverymuch.--ryaN
on Tue Apr 29 06:59:00 2008

Lisa Dugdale commented:

Wow - looks like a great house. Quite a lot of space...I was going to suggest that you be so kind to ship an extra bedroom to both Jason and myself. But then if you included Holly and Ryan, that would only leave you with one bedroom. 

  How far is it from Hendrix?

on Tue Apr 29 11:01:43 2008

Anonymous commented:

wow - much bigger then the apartments in paris...looks beautiful...since i have never been to arkansas - I guess I have a reason to visit.  Congrats, its beautiful. Sarah C

on Wed Apr 30 19:14:53 2008

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