Sometimes I run across a store for the home that simply makes me pause. This is one of those stores. I once wandered in to a mall store that carried some of the same items, like the crazy ceiling medallions, and I was quite simply at a loss - I had no idea what one does with a house wishing to emulate Michelangelo. Now that I own a house, I begin to understand the attraction of, for example, crown molding, but even there one can go over the top.

Nikki commented:

Scrap the crown molding... did you see the waterfalls?  When will you be installing that, as I would like to come witness?

on Sat Sep 12 21:22:36 2009

David commented:

I have to admit, I'm attracted to the 100-inch high waterfalls. Preferably with a giant corporate-looking logo (or a pirate) on it.

on Sun Sep 13 00:03:14 2009

Alycia @ WishiHadThat commented:

I prefer the talk to the hand statue.. but that's just me. :)

on Thu Apr 1 11:27:49 2010

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