I tried to write my application to grad school this evening. It's better, but it still isn't good. I hate writing garbage. I hate trying to explain to people why I'm cooler than everyone else. My one failing is a huge one - I'm arrogant. Hugely so. And it's darned hard to explain to someone I don't know in a single page why I think I'm so cool. Hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow evening and send it in, along with the $60 application fee (isn't that insane?!), and perhaps someday I'll manage to get all my ducks in a row so they can reject me.

Erik commented:
Hey, if U-M will accept me, they'll accept anybody. :) Seriously, I don't think you have anything to worry about. You've had a storied career, from Albion to Ford to teaching in Japan to a quick Master's in Econ at EMU to your current post at the OECD. So long as there's an indication that you'll succeed in the program - and I think it's pretty clear - you should have no trouble. - Erik
on Sat Nov 27 23:59:10 2004

sasha commented:
so, does that make erik's one failing modesty? ;)
on Sun Nov 28 08:52:58 2004

Lisa Dugdale commented:
on Sun Nov 28 18:26:10 2004

Lisa Dugdale commented:
No, observant blog readers know for sure that you have at least two failings - arrogance, and the inability to spell Venice. (And failing to purchase a plane ticket for your friend Lisa to visit Venice also, since you know how much she loves it. But some might not call that a failing).
on Sun Nov 28 18:28:38 2004

David commented:
Nope - some would call that wisdom, since the last time we were in Venise together we nearly killed each other! Apropo, Venise is the name of a good French wine, and also the French way of spelling the city's name - I've been writing it so often that way it started to look correct....
on Sun Nov 28 19:04:26 2004

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