end of the story

Well, in the end, I spent four hours, got no carpet, but had an interesting experience. And then we all went out for Thai. Good enough!

Nikki commented:
Sadly, I used to think it was a terrible result of life that my folks would get excited about things like carpet auctions and gardening supply sales, and now, I find myself drinking my Sunday coffee curious about carpet auctions... and looking for books on urban gardening since I bought all these seeds in a frenzied gardening sale... do you think this means we are getting old?
on Sun Mar 16 09:22:02 2008

David commented:
No. I think the fact that I was home to post that blog entry at 11pm on a Saturday night means we're getting old. Gardening, as the New York Times will tell you, is for the young and hip.
on Sun Mar 16 11:08:13 2008

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