So I went to the store today to pick up some juice, because Sasha is feeling a bit under the weather (which is problematic, giving that she has a presentation Monday). While there, as I always do, I wandered the store aimlessly for a bit, sticking random things in my basket. I had meandered to the potato chip aisle, and found myself looking at the Lays potato chips. At eye level was a new flavour, so bizarre I had to buy it, if only so I could prove to all of you it exists. I give you: Heinz Ketchup flavoured potato chips!

Erik commented:
I saw (but did not try) ketchup-flavored potato chips when I was in Toronto many years ago. I thought it bizarre until I realized that many people make their french fries into something similar. It was also there that I first encountered salt-and-vinegar potato chips. Those did make it to the U.S., but not for a number of years. I guess that Canada and France are just more on the bleeding edge of flavors. :) Hopefully Sasha is feeling better now...
on Sun Jul 10 13:25:49 2005

David commented:
As it turns out, they're really good potato chips. I can't decide if this means I've been here too long, or what....
on Sun Jul 10 22:26:24 2005

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