Our license plate came today (pictures to come), and to celebrate, we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Except it was sold out, so we went to see Superman instead. It wasn't really the same thing at all, but it was an evening's entertainment.

Also on the subject of our license plates, you may remember when we went to order them a young man borrowed three dollars, and I wondered if he would actually send a check. The little scamp actually sent a thank you card, and a five dollar check. Cute. And indicative, I think - generally speaking, people really are honest. Well, some of them, anyhow.

Nikki commented:
Ay, matey, Superman is not a pirate... I did talk my mom into ordering a Yaris this last week, and made the woman at Toyota laugh for 5 minutes when I said the "Real" reason was that you sounded like a pirate when you said it... YARis.
on Mon Jul 10 01:49:23 2006

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