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Well, after our little adventure with kitty health care, I've decided to look into some insurance in case something like this happens again. I found a review page where people leave reviews of cat insurance plans, which doesn't tell me much, but does seem to indicate the people I thought would be good are good. I'll probably enroll us this month, even though honestly I think it's as likely a waste of money as not. I expect I know someone else who will be giving this thought, though with two cats it's much more expensive....

holly commented:
I have Apple enrolled in VPI pet insurance. They have been really cool and easy to work with. It's just for emergencies - totally worth it, especially when she does something really stupid, like eating a tennis ball.
on Sun Jul 22 01:31:29 2007

Nikki commented:
And with 4, it's a small fortune. Though, really, I've not spent nearly as much on vet bills as I could, fortuantely. That said, I took all four for check ups, vaccinations, etc a few weeks ago which was grossly more expensive than I ever remembered. Personally, I'm not a fan of vaccination for indoor cats, but given the upcoming move, felt it a necessary precaution. Though, I've had other friends who had all three of their cats on a pet insurance plan and swore that the cost saved them more in the long run.
on Sun Jul 22 10:13:33 2007

Andrew commented:
Yeah, our two cats may be much more expensive, but with one of them about to turn 14 and the other being terribly sweet but not so bright, it becomes a question of being able to afford certain treatments. But this site is going to help a lot. Now I just need to find out what is and isn't covered and how much of a premium they are going to charge because of the age of my one cat.
on Mon Jul 23 09:22:46 2007

Shelby commented:
I wish I'd been able to insure Scout. Now we're just setting money aside for her with her back issues. Digory seems pretty healthy though. He could eat a tennis ball and then go look for another one to eat. He's not very bright, but very healthy, so we chose not to insure him. He's just heartier than Scout is.
on Tue Jul 24 00:50:42 2007

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