Life is nuts right now.

The moving company arrives on Tuesday to ship our stuff back to the states. This means we need to inventory and pack. But we have no boxes. And we haven't done any of the paperwork. Yikes!

To top it all off, we leave for Denmark the day after we ship all our stuff. It seemed like a good idea at the time!

We have booked our tickets to the states this morning - we'll be taking British Air on the 31st of August to Detroit. Hopefully we can crash with someone, and on the 1st of September we can move in to our spiffy new apartment. Everything is happening quite quickly now. I'll be coming back to France for a wedding and possibly some paperwork on the 24th of September, and then back to the States to look for a job and whatever else needs to be done.

Jason in Egypt commented: forgot to mention the possibility of doing Syria/Jordan after your time in France. *grin* Still an option? I don't have my schedule figured out yet...
on Mon Jul 18 13:11:01 2005

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