I just put through some minor repairs on the comments program - we'll see if they work. Hopefully this will save me from having to do more work later. On the other hand, I'm not really sure if I fixed the problem or not. But it seems worth a try to put in a simple solution, and see if it works, before I do something silly like rewrite everything!

David commented:
Now the real test - did my comments actually get fixed?
on Sat Jan 22 13:29:25 2005

David commented:
Well, I fixed part of the problem. Looks like there's still work to do, but not today.
on Sat Jan 22 13:32:04 2005

Lisa Dugdale commented:
Y'know, when you wrote that, I was really hoping you'd fixed the 'horrific blue and lime green' comment problem, but alas, the problems go even deeper than that. Alright, back to your regularly scheduled program of David talking to his comments...
on Sat Jan 22 17:09:02 2005

David commented:
I tried to fix them again, but I must have missed, because the colors look the same. Oh well - perhaps another day!
on Sun Jan 23 21:49:27 2005

David commented:
Yet another go at fixing the blog comments - this one may eat the whole thing! Won't that be nice? But I need to do something, because as they are the comments are going to erase my blog if left alone.
on Sun Jan 23 22:21:55 2005

David commented:
Amusingly enough, my last attempt at fixing things -did- erase the blog. I shouldn't do this late at night!
on Sun Jan 23 22:31:56 2005

David commented:
If at first you don't succeed...
on Sun Jan 23 22:34:43 2005

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