Sasha and I went looking at kittens today, choosing one for our apartment. We saw lots of them, and thought about bringing one home, but in the end just looked. It will be nice to have a kitten, though I think until I extricate myself from work I will not enjoy it fully.

We had a couple of options to choose from in our quest to visit kittens - tomorrow the PetCo here in town is doing a meet-and-greet for kitten adopters. However, when we visited the website of the place that will be putting the event on, the adoption form scared us off (when did you last move? Why? If you move again, will you drown your kitten before moving?) So we went to another place, which fortunately was expecting someone, as they were appointment only. So we dropped in and wandered among the kittens for a while. Fun.

Anonymous commented:
I have 4 felines, and you are welcome to one or all of them..heck I'd even pay you to take one! (kidding) You there are LOTS of adoptable adult cats out there that need good homes too. :) Coburn
on Sat Feb 4 22:25:09 2006

Nikki commented:
Yes, indeed, lots of adult kitties needing homes, too... Calvin was an adult when I got him and you can't ask for a better cat (Sshhhh, we don't want the others to hear). So, um, how did you go so quickly from not wanting one to looking for one??
on Sun Feb 5 00:38:02 2006

Nikki commented:
Of course, as I clicked submit on that last comment, Calvin stalked and pounced the Vinnie-kitty so he could commandeer the water bowl... so there ya go!
on Sun Feb 5 00:40:05 2006

sasha commented:
Just to clarify David's language - when he says "kitten" what he means is "any cat of any variety at all." We actually don't want a kitten, because we think it would need more attention than we could give it, since both of us leave the house for extended periods during the day.

We never didn't want a cat (unless David isn't telling me something...David?!?), but until recently our landlord told us we couldn't have one. They changed their minds when we renewed our lease, but that's David's incredibly manipulative charm story...

on Sun Feb 5 02:54:29 2006

Derek (Erb) commented:
In my personal opinion cats, unlike their canine counterparts, actually prefer it when you leave them alone during the day. They sleep most of the day anyway and they adore their autonomy. Our job is just to feed 'em and clean up after 'em... then again that's how it feels with our children as well so it might be good practice!
on Sun Feb 5 13:11:59 2006

Lisa Dugdale commented:
Choosing one for your apartment? I do hope the cat's colors match your decor appropriately. ;) Have you considered getting two? They can keep each other company while you are gone, and are less lonely than a single cat.
on Sun Feb 5 21:15:47 2006

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