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Sasha and I are off to the wilds of upstate New York, and as one might expect we were forced to stop at a random restaurant for lunch. After a brief deliberation we decided the Pizza Hut was simply too scary to eat at, so Wendy's won the draw. Inside, I discovered they now have a menu item which can cover my entire bacon needs for a (week? month? year?) in one fell swoop - the Baconator. According to the Wendy's website, I consumed in one sandwich 830 calories and 51g of fat. Add the small fry and the small frosty (chocolate shake), and the meal comes to a cool 1500 calories and 75g of fat. So I guess I'm done for the day. Too bad about the veggies I didn't eat.

Sasha fared slightly better - 600 calories and 24g of fat for a baked potato and caesar side salad. I guess it's the sour cream that gets you.

Tammy Jo commented:
if you were wondering I believe the FDA reccomends one baconater per lifetime. Teehee and don't forget the magic words for making bacon appear: Bibbity Bobbity BACON!
on Sun Dec 23 09:57:26 2007

David commented:
As soon as I read that I tried it, and it DIDN'T WORK! So sad. Perhaps it knew, in my heart, that I didn't want any more bacon. Or anything else to eat. This year. And maybe next.
on Sun Dec 23 14:28:54 2007

Erik commented:
I can't help but think of the commercial for Beggin' Strips... "I smell BACON!!!!" :D
on Tue Dec 25 17:17:11 2007

David commented:
What's in the bag?!? I CAN'T READ!
on Tue Dec 25 17:36:46 2007

Andrew commented:
I saw an advert for the Wendy's Spicy Baconator and remembered this post. I couldn't resist finding it and dropping a note on here. You know, just in case your arteries had started to recover from the last one.
on Wed Mar 26 12:11:12 2008

David commented:
We totally saw that ad while we were away last weekend. Sasha has indicated that I have to wait (at least) until I have my own bathroom before I am allowed to try one. I believe I may also want to have a workout regime in place.
on Wed Mar 26 15:26:51 2008

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