Android development, day 1

I've been thinking for a while that it would be nice to be able to post to my blog as easily as I post to social media sites. Blog posts would not be fun from my phone (I can already do that, anyway), but being able to post a photo from my phone would be nice. So I decided I would write an app. And this is where things went off the rails. This post will get technical from here, but I'll try to keep it readable by non-tech folk.

The first thing I needed to do was to figure out... well, what I needed to do. So I hit a few websites, basically looking for directions on how to write my first app (by tradition, this a program that simply prints "Hello, world!" on the screen). I found several pages that all told me the basic steps (this one is an example). Sadly, although the information in the post was good, Google's support of developers does not seem to be - their servers spent most of a day rejecting requests for the files. So eight hours later I'm no closer to being able to write a program than I was when I started. I'm considering giving up for the day and doing something more fun than watching paint dry.

Gozer the Key Keeper commented:

We should collaborate.

on Mon Dec 19 07:44:38 2011

David commented:

drop me an email - odoketa_-~at`-_yahoo dot(.)com

on Mon Dec 19 09:15:34 2011

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