Quiz Bowl

I worked a live television show today, running the scoreboard for the Arkansas quiz bowl finals. This is what the set looked like, and it approximates my view of the day. There were seven categories, each with their own final, so it ran for the entire day. Working TV is weird - anything that happens that isn't where the camera is pointed doesn't count. Overall it was definitely a memorable way to pass a Saturday. And the questions were fun too - like seven hours of really tough trivial pursuit, with things like 'what is the electron that gets ejected from a nuclear reaction called?', or 'whose home run record did Babe Ruth break?' Crazy stuff. And the young people were nailing all of them.

Jason commented:

Can we watch the video?  Please post a link!  Did you get much on-air time? Or did they keep the camera on the participants?

on Wed Apr 22 14:15:05 2009

David commented:

Sadly, it doesn't seem to be something they put up long-term. I wasn't really on screen at all, except when they would have a challenge to a question, and then the judges would get screen time, and they were sitting right in front of me. And I'm glad, as I imagine having all those cameras pointed at you was intimidating...

on Fri Apr 24 10:30:12 2009

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