Arrr! It's the 19th of September, and that can only mean one thing: international talk like a pirate day!

OK - actually, it can also mean that I turn 30 today. But the pirate thing is pretty exciting too!

Anonymous commented:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETIE!!!!!!!!!!! --Nikki
on Mon Sep 19 17:08:05 2005

Anonymous commented:
toad! Happy Birthday, man! I turn 30 soon too now. I'm not sure I feel 30, but since I do chores on a regular basis and have a day job, I suppose I'm generally all growed-up. And for your viewing pleasure, highlights of the warnings printed in a camera's manual: 1. Do not look at the sun through the viewfinder. 2. Turn off immediately in the event of a malfunction: Should you notice smoke or an unusual smell coming from the equipment... 3. Do not use in the presence of flammable gas. 4. Do not place strap around neck of an infant or child. 5. Avoid contact with the liquid crystal and (my favorite): 6. CD-ROMS: The CD-ROMs on which the software and manuals are distributed should not be played back on audio CD equipment. Doing so could cause hearing loss or damage the equipment. whoa... I, too, sadly needed the anonymous posting thing. Too many accounts. too many passwords. not nearly enough brainpower...
on Mon Sep 19 17:40:03 2005

Anonymous commented:
damnit. of COURSE i would forget to sign my first anonymous post... toad, -ryaN
on Mon Sep 19 17:41:01 2005

Anonymous commented:
Happy birthday! - Mara
on Mon Sep 19 21:41:28 2005

Anonymous commented:
Joyeaux Noel - I mean JOyeaux dieu - or what every..happy 30th, just think, you will be 40 in 10 years!!!!! (I have 9 more to go til I hit the 40) Good wishes to you.. Coburn
on Tue Sep 20 00:39:35 2005

Anonymous commented:
Happy Birthday, Just think - in 10 more years you will be 40! Oh, and welcome back to the states too. Coburn
on Tue Sep 20 00:41:42 2005

Erik commented:
Otanjoubi omedetou! Welcome to the 30+ club at last. :) We're happy to have you. Don't worry, it doesn't mean you'll be "all growed up."
on Tue Sep 20 11:57:45 2005

David commented:
Awww! You guys make me feel all warm and gooshy inside!
on Tue Sep 20 15:06:03 2005

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