We rented a truck yesterday, and with the help of many good people (thank you!!) managed to clear most of the junk Sasha and I had accumulated in my parents' basement. Of course, that means now it is all in our apartment, piled from floor to ceiling. So my task, for the afternoon and perhaps the evening, is to try to clear a percentage of the boxes away, so we have a place to put the other furniture, which should arrive from France any day now.

FINDLEY commented:
I'm sorry to hear so much of your life has been devoted to moving the trappings of a successful capitalist lifestyle... I'm saddened to hear that you have moved, I was hoping to pay you a visit in Paris... However, paying said visit in the U.S. should prove much cheaper... by all means please contact me. If do not have my info any longer, Jackie can still provide it. I hope you and Sasha are happy and well. Best Wishes...
on Mon Sep 12 20:17:29 2005

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