NASCAR pics are up!

I posted a selection of photos (read: some 200 or so) from our trip down to Charlotte, NC to watch the NASCAR race. It was two solid days of utter madness, and I think the pics do a good job of indicating that. In total there were eight of us, and we took a rented motor home to the event. Worth noting - the pics of us eating breakfast were probably taken while travelling on the highway, and the sharpie exhibit gave us all free permanent markers.

Andrew commented:
It is kind of sad to me that while scrolling through the pictures the three things that jumped out at me were these: 1) "Oh, they got the big muffin pack from Sam's Club" 2) "Hey, Mario party for the Wii. that's a fun game" 3) "Damn, there sure are a lot of cars in that parking lot. I bet traffic was a beast"
on Tue Oct 23 15:27:26 2007

David commented:
I will grant you the muffin thing was kinda sad.
on Tue Oct 23 15:48:22 2007

Jason commented:
I also noticed the muffins...
on Wed Oct 24 17:12:16 2007

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