A lovely evening had by all, playing cards, eating pizza, and in general being less that productive. At least one new card game was introduced, and in general all was right with the world. After everyone left, Sasha and I indulged in a bit of reading, and I, being an eBay addict, checked multiple times to see how much my computer had been bid up to ($210, at last count).

I had planned to write a big posting on the proposed federal budget, which includes drilling for oil in Alaska and cutting programs for the poor, but in the end didn't have time to gather all the appropriate facts. I have, however, managed to find the mailing address of my senators and my representative, and will be sending a letter on the subject relatively soon.

Anonymous commented:
Thank you again for the games & camaraderie, but I would hardly refer to trying out a new game as being less than productive. :) - Mara
on Mon Nov 7 23:04:38 2005

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