Something you should all be thinking about: a water heater that never runs out of hot water. And it's more fuel-efficient, too! I've used them everywhere I've lived (except the US) and they are absolutely marvellous. I hadn't realized they were so much more efficient, although it certainly makes sense.

Shelby commented:
The house we almost bought had one of these. It just makes so much sense!
on Tue Nov 30 05:31:33 2004

David commented:
It really does - although I have to admit at first I was leery of big flames heating the water I was using as I used it - Japan was the worst for this because each heater was located where you used the water - thus there was a gas stove in a metal box near your feet when you took a shower, heating the water. Now our heater is in the kitchen, and I love it to death. Of course, to retrofit a house, as the article in the times pointed out, is a little pricy....
on Tue Nov 30 06:12:58 2004

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