Well, the cat has left, but not before we could confuse her utterly by changing the layout of our apartment twice before she left. We finally found a bookcase for the living room, which we assembled and put in yesterday, in a process the cat found most curious. Then today we decided to rearrange the seating area in an attempt to get more use of the space in our living room. Much with the shuffling of lamps, chairs, and tables, and again the cat was confused. We are convinced she found us the most hyperactive people in the universe, based on her short visit. But now she's gone, and the week is upon us, so we shall return to our sedentary ways.

Nikki commented:
I've often seen a cat without a grin, but a grin without a cat--it's the most curious thing! ~ Alice in Wonderland... just because :)
on Mon Nov 21 23:23:53 2005

David commented:
Do I now need to quote the Matrix, paraphrasing Alice, just for balance? (If you really want to impress me, quote a movie or TV show which quotes the Matrix, paraphrasing Alice. recursion! Ack!)
on Mon Nov 21 23:45:34 2005

Nikki commented:
Well, babes, good thing I'm not trying to impress you... really I'm just amusing myself--thankfully, it doesn't take much.
on Thu Nov 24 13:21:20 2005

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