Still stuck

Since I know you're all dying to know, Stuck on a Truck has entered what is probably its final day. Saturday was not a good day to be standing around hanging on a truck, and Sunday wasn't a great deal better. Now we're apparently down to the final three, and after more than 80 hours folks are probably more than a little punch drunk (there may be a plan to head over at lunch to see how out of it they are). I just discovered they also have a twitter feed, which has some interesting insights into what happens to sleep deprived people ("The contestants are getting crazy. One thinks there are things flying under the tent. One thought the officials had put him in time out.")

sasha commented:

They were taking down the tent when I walked by around 9:45, so the last two must have cracked.

on Mon May 4 11:08:04 2009

David commented:

In the end, the last two cracked basically within seconds of each other. You can read all about it here.

on Tue May 5 19:27:17 2009

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