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Slashdot pointed me to an article in Esquire, in which the author volunteered to have his brain scanned (what is called an fMRI, or 'functional MRI') to examine where and what in the brain causes (or responds to) 'love'. Specifically, they compared his wife to Angelina Jolie.

When I told friends and family I was trying to scientifically assess my love for [my wife], they all had the same response: "No good can come of this."
It's an amusing article, which contains more than a few unnerving tidbits:
If love is simply chemicals, doesn't that change its meaning? And how soon before we create a scientifically valid love potion? (Already under study, by the way.) What about a love vaccine to help us from falling for the wrong person? And if you have to rely on chemical enhancements, do you get an asterisk next to your name in the book of love, like Barry Bonds?
It's a fun read, if you have any interest in the state of brain science these days (or if you just want to know who wins - his wife, or Angelina).
David Hibbard commented:

What they aren't saying is that his wife and Angelina tied for fouth place after the cute puppy, Beer and ...    Ry Cooder's song "How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live".

Uncle David






on Tue May 19 22:10:11 2009

David commented:

Yeah, but puppies (and kittens) are really, really cute!

on Wed May 20 00:13:43 2009

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