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Today I talked to a nice young man from my bank, who said he'd be happy to give me a quarter million dollars, and that I should call back if I felt a third of a million was more my speed. He also told me that my credit was so good there was no need for pesky things like income verification. I thought that's how they all got in this situation in the first place?

Jason commented:
Well, at least you know your credit is good! *laugh* But yes...it would seem like the process would be a bit more difficult at this point given how things got screwed up in the first place.
on Tue Mar 4 12:12:08 2008

Lisa Dugdale commented:

Wow...you could spend hours removing hideous wallpaper. (and I do mean that...I'd factor in money to hire somebody to remove it, or lots of time...). Yes, it is in fact quite scary how easy it is to get money with good credit. I'd figured it had changed since I last got my credit checked, but it's reassuring to know there are still banks out there willing to give me obscene amount of money should I want it. Well, sort of reassuring...


on Tue Mar 4 13:20:37 2008

David commented:
Reassuring unless you own their stock, or work for them, I think is where things currently stand....
on Tue Mar 4 13:35:26 2008

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