Wow! We finally watched the season finale of Battlestar Galactica. Wow! Now I guess we have to wait until the summer for more episodes. Sad.

I did some emergency work on the Pension project for Paris, updating some tables for (I presume) some presentation or something this week. I also started looking at the tax/benefit system of Latvia. I know - my weekends are full of astounding delights. Actually, I also read several books over the weekend, all the product of a Ms. Paula Marshall

sasha commented:
Bad news - according to the next Battlestar episodes won't air until October!!!
on Mon Mar 13 16:15:57 2006

David commented:
By the way, Paula Marshall was supposed to link to a writer of romance novels, not a writer of home improvement books. I shoulda checked the link...
on Mon Mar 13 23:26:09 2006

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