We own a house in Arkansas. The closing happened, and all is right with the world. *dance*

Anonymous commented:

welcome to the world of home ownership - now go out and buy a drill set, a table saw and some safety goggles...and a tape measure too!


congrats to you both!

sarah c 

on Mon Jun 30 20:55:11 2008

holly commented:

...and a plumbing book, and a plunger, and the phone number for a good plumber for when you screw up... (recent history in our house not withstanding...) 

Congrats and woohoo from Bucky and Me. Welcome to adulthood (sorry to have to be the one to break the news:) 


on Mon Jun 30 21:45:56 2008

sasha commented:
No, adulthood, I've been reliably informed, arrives when we buy a bed frame for our futon mattress.
on Tue Jul 1 00:02:09 2008

Erik commented:

Congratulations!  Welcome to the world of not having maintenance workers at your disposal.  ;)

Seriously, it's great that you and Sasha have a place to settle into that is yours, and that you can make it into something special.  Happy new home day!

on Tue Jul 1 06:47:56 2008

Anonymous commented:

Congratulations!  I hope that you and Sasha enjoy your new home to its fullest!

- Mara

on Tue Jul 1 07:04:14 2008

Tammy Jo commented:
Hooray! Congrats and Happy House Day!
on Tue Jul 1 07:31:03 2008

Jason commented:
Good thing US Airways was nice enough to give me a free round-trip ticket last weekend! *grin* Congrats!!!!
on Wed Jul 2 14:20:43 2008

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