Too funny! I just noticed the Money section of Le Monde has a little notice in it this morning - it says "to our readers: please note that during the summer holiday th Money section will not be published." Now that's what I call a summer holiday! Is it any wonder that September is treated as a sort of anti-holiday here?

adrianhan commented:
Is that what is cool about france. Everybody just shuts shop. Even le boulangerie. Paris becomes empty. And the motorways become packed. I do not know too many other countries where this shiut down occurs.
on Mon Jun 27 23:06:47 2005

David commented:
And then at the end of August, all the 're-entry' ads and sales and parties start, and the whole thing starts over. It's really cool that there's such a clear cycle here - it really gives you a reference point. In the states, you get it when you're in university, but after that things just sorta keep going. Having a place where you can mark time is really convenient.
on Tue Jun 28 09:32:59 2005

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