So you may have heard, a while back, about the person who realized that because the ability to hear high frequencies decreases as we age, there are sounds that teens can hear that adults generally cannot. This realization was used to create a device to keep the storefront clear of loitering teens, without annoying the (presumably older) paying customers. Now someone has gone one step further, and created a ringtone using the same sound. There's a sample of the sound up on the story's website, and unless it's a joke, it works, because I couldn't hear anything at all.
Anonymous commented:
Holding my laptop to my ear I could hear a repeating high pitch ring. It was really annoying. --Misty
on Mon Jun 12 22:27:02 2006

Derek (Erb) commented:
It must be a joke... I found the concept quite interesting and intriguing. I downloaded the sound clip immediately. At first listen I didn't hear anything. Then I cranked up the volume and I could definitely hear kids laughing and a bit of a classroom "ambiance". But to really test the situation I listened to it several times with my kids. My daughters (15 and 11) didn't hear anything more or less than my ancient (43 years) ears. They heard exactly the same thing as I did... or so they claim...
on Mon Jun 12 22:30:28 2006

David commented:
So perhaps it's psychosomatic?
on Tue Jun 13 02:03:30 2006

Shelby commented:
I think it is real. I couldn't hear a thing but both dogs very clearly reacted (heads popped up and they were looking around) as soon as the clip started playing and both immediately settled down when it was done. So there's *something* there.
on Tue Jun 13 03:11:32 2006

Derek (Erb) commented:
I'll go along with the idea that there's "something" there... However, contrary to their parents' belief, kids ain't dogs. I find the theory that high-pitched audible sensitivity weakens with age and I would really like to see some proof. But, for me at the moment, this file does not do it (yet).
on Tue Jun 13 09:55:40 2006

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